For example,

She masturbated him.

Also, can masturbation only ever be performed on oneself? Or can it be done by one person to another?

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    Please update with what you found in your dictionary searches. – Jim Jun 3 at 5:43

A quick search of the iWeb corpus would say that it is indeed used as a transitive verb:

Mr. Cooper, of Gorton, Manchester, denies outraging public decency by masturbating the dolphin off Amble, Northumberland. (History of Zoophilia and The Law - Lectric Law Library)

I was also made to masturbate the dog, with the man giving me instructions on what to do, afterwards telling me how dirty I was, how my " secret " was safe with him. (Sexual Assault Involving Forced Animal Contact)

All of those numbers that Hillary Clinton masturbates the intellectuals with, mean absolutely nothing to the primates watching. (Lame Cherry: Oct 21, 2016

To masturbate yourself would run into an issue as the reflexive yourself could be taken as direct object or emphasis.

I educated myself. [Direct Object]

I finished myself. [Direct Object or Emphasis?]

I went myself. [Emphasis]

If you specified a body part, this ambiguity would no longer exist.

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According to MW: masturbate:

masturbate verb

Definition of masturbate

intransitive verb
: to practice masturbation

transitive verb
: to practice masturbation on

I have to say, that I've never heard it used transitively in 45 years in the Chicagoland area. Remember there are often regional variations known as dialects that may affect the precise use of prepositions or whether or not a verb is used with an object.

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