It was just a random thought but I didn't manage to find the verb though, hope I'll explain my request clearly..

In Chinese we use the word like: to nurture (somebody on the basis of money), or to raise (but those words are really derogatory though) to indicate having a secret lover, like a man nurtures the girl even though he already has a wife; he gives the girl (younger than him usually) money and they're mainly sexually connected. Does English have some verbs like that?

can someone help? do you understand my explanation? It's always hard for me to explain some Chinese things in English!


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Two words come to mind:

  1. philander: His philandering became his downfall.
  2. womanize: He is divorced because he was a terrible womanizer.

I don't think there is a verb for that in English.

However, a person who is a secret lover is called a paramour (rare word though). The secret meeting is often described as clandestine meeting.

Secret lovers often meet clandestinely in lover's lane.

Edit: The closest verb I could come up with is fornicate which means to make love to someone you are not married to but it doesn't connote secretly.

  • i got u, but for me fornicate is more like the act of having sexual relationships with others, not like the fact that the man/woman gives their lovers money, the Chinese word focus more on "raise," kinda like the thing a sugar daddy does. lol i know it may be weird tho, but thanks for your words
    – Angyang
    Jun 2, 2020 at 17:21
  • I think that the bolded words are all inappropriate: they are old-fashioned and clichéd. Fornicate is definitely the wrong word.
    – Greybeard
    Jun 2, 2020 at 18:22

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