I would like to ask a question whether provided below sentence is correct or not:

'As the deadline for registration is due shortly,(...)'.

Main issue here is the phrase: "...is due shortly". I am aware that payment can be due shortly, but I am not quite convinced if this collocation can be used that way. I would be thankful for any thoughts or ideas.

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    Apparently, a century ago we'd have been just as likely to say the payment falls due rather than ...is due. But I'm not convinced a "deadline" can idiomatically be or fall "due" - it just is whatever date it is. Other than that, deadlines approach. – FumbleFingers May 29 '20 at 13:07
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    To say a deadline is "due" is not idiomatic. – Hot Licks May 29 '20 at 13:41
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    To clarify the preceding comments, the deadline is the date on which something is due, so to say that the deadline is due would amount to saying that the date on which something is due is due. – jsw29 May 29 '20 at 14:55
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    The phrase is syntactically valid, but its strict semantic interpretation can be questioned. I would also say that it is idiomatic in the sense that many people would not question its informal use. (Even though those who are careful about language would.) – Jason Bassford May 29 '20 at 16:34
  • Thank you for your answers and for sharing your insight. I was not certain whether this phrase had been correct or not, but now I am certain that it is not, and what is more important, I know why I should not use it. Have a nice weekend ahead! – Scolpe May 30 '20 at 11:43

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