My friend just posted a picture with a soft toy and captioned it:

"Even when pets is not my thing, you can always pose with soft toys!"

I want to know if that sentence is grammatically correct. I don't know why but this sentence just doesn't look grammatical to me. Should not it be "pets are" and "Even though" ?

It's my first time posting a question here, sorry if I've not followed the guidelines.

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    Please keep the pronoun person constant.That's what tells your gut that the sentence isn't alright.I'd do it like this: "Even when keeping pets isn't my thing,I could always pose with soft toys!" May 24 '20 at 6:00

I think that pets is a plural noun so use 'are' and and when is not the appropriate word to link it shoud be some like Eventhough or Though.

  • Thank you so much :)
    – Abhinav
    May 25 '20 at 5:20

Firstly, you are right that it should be pets are, not pets is

Secondly, neither even though nor even when works here. Even though means something like despite the fact. For example:

  • Even though (despite the fact) I like pets, I don't want them in my bedroom.

It does not make sense to write:

  • Despite the fact that pets are not my thing, you can always pose with soft toys!

Even when means something like even at the times when (something happens) . For example:

  • Even when (even at the times when) my pets chew up my soft toys, I don't scold them.

So this doesn't work either:

  • Even at the times when pets are not my thing, you can always pose with soft toys!

The most natural way for your friend to express the idea is:

  • If pets are not your thing, you can always pose with soft toys.


  • Since pets are not my thing, I (always) pose with soft toys.

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