I have a word in the Arabic language that is transliterated into Mushib in English. It means Verbose. I need to enforce the pronunciation of this word to be Mus-Hib (Without pronouncing the sh sound)

Is there a way that's better than using a "-" (dash)?

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    What's wrong with mus-hib? I don't speak Arabic, but are there other Arabic words with similar pronunciations, and if so how have you seen them transliterated? – nnnnnn May 22 '20 at 11:41
  • Are you sure you don't mean مطول (mutul)? Mushib means companion or friend. – A Rogue Ant. May 22 '20 at 12:24
  • The only only way of presenting it so that there is no risk sh, but there is a clear h, is with a hyphen or the use of phonetic symbols. You simply can't spell it as a single unpunctuated word without the possibility of mispronunciation. Presenting it as two words would also work: Muss Hib. I'll also note that some people would not pronounce Mus and Muss the same way, which is why I used the latter. (Mus could be pronounced as mooze.) – Jason Bassford May 22 '20 at 13:39
  • @JasonBassford I was trying to find how to write its phonetic symbol when transitioning from s to h, can you tell me how to do that? – Yousef Alghofaili May 23 '20 at 9:30

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