An invoice consists of a header (customer, addres, date) and details (a list of purchased products). I am looking for a single English word meaning a single element from the list of purchased products on an invoice. "invoice_line" or "invoice_position" are not good because they are two words. "line", "position" or "element" are very general and can mean anything, not related to invoice. I'd like a person who sees this single word to have an idea what it means without also seeing the word "invoice".

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    'Item' does dual purpose, as the referent of article in the set in question, and its written representation. > item > > 1: a distinct part in an enumeration, account, or series [Merriam-Webster. – Edwin Ashworth May 22 at 11:26
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    By far, the most common term for this is line item. That's a "single word" inasmuch as it's a distinct noun that has its own dictionary definition. It's a single word in the same sense that hot dog and ice cream are single words. But if you're looking for a "single word" that has no space in it, there is nothing I know of that is even close to that specific meaning. – Jason Bassford May 22 at 13:33
  • Row or entry if more meaning the line in the invoice than what it describes? – sykkor May 23 at 9:42

In my line of work, we call it a line item. I don't know for sure if this is good for you.

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How about purchase? Is not an invoice a list of purchases, one per line with, e.g., a product descriptor, number of units purchased, unit cost, and total cost? A person who sees this single word -- purchase -- would definitely have an idea what it means without also seeing the word invoice.

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