The following paragraph is a review on "Ocean's 8". What is the meaning of "caper" in this context?

"The website's critical consensus reads, "Ocean's 8 isn't quite as smooth as its predecessors, but still has enough cast chemistry and flair to enjoyably lift the price of a ticket from filmgoers up for an undemanding caper."

According to Cambridge Dictionary, "caper" means 1. an illegal, unusual, or entertaining activity. 2. a small, dark green flower bud that is used as an ingredient to give a slightly sour taste to food.

However, it seems "caper" in this context means something else. Thank you.

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    [1.] is good: an undemanding entertaining activity. – Tinfoil Hat May 17 '20 at 3:24
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    Try Door Number 1, emphasis on illegal.. – Robusto May 17 '20 at 3:25
  • Caper refers here both to the storyline of the film and the experience of watching it. Still. one thinks of veal piccata. – Xanne May 17 '20 at 5:54

In discussion of stories, a caper means a group of criminals committing an elaborate crime. Breaking into a high-security place to steal something, for instance.

  • Exactly. In Oceans 8, eight women steal jewelry at a museum in an elaborate and comical scheme. – Yosef Baskin May 17 '20 at 4:13
  • Thank you for your explanations! Now that I have leaned the definition of "caper" in this context, I have one more question: The website's critical consensus calls the caper "undemanding"? Is it because the criminals in the story are not patient enough and don't have the required skills and attention to pull a perfect job? Thank you once again! – Maurice May 19 '20 at 11:09

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