Hololens and HTC Vive etc are dedicated Augmented Reality devices. However there are AR applications for smartphones and tablets as well. How are devices called, whose primary purpose is not AR but they still support AR applications? Second class AR devices?

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How about AR-compatible?

compatible: able to be used with a particular type of computer, machine, device, etc.:

compatible: the ability of one device or program to work with another device or program

So you could say that a particular AR application -- X -- is compatible with a particular non-AR device -- Y. One would say that Y is X-compatible, that Y can run X. The compatibility of a non-AR device with a particular AR application would depend on the application and the device. In characterizing a device as compatible with an AR application, it is implicit that the device is itself not an AR device.

Addendum: AR-capable, as suggested by @Jim and noted by Hellion below, is another good option.

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  • Alternatively, "AR-capable". – Hellion May 15 at 22:24
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How about... non-dedicated AR devices? This makes it clear that the devices can use AR but that’s not their primary purpose. It’s the obvious natural choice, so much so that it practically appears in the text of the question.

Another example:

There are dedicated platforms such as smart glasses and standalone HMDs as well as non-dedicated platforms such as smartphones and desktop computers.

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