Please read the following paragraph and tell me if needs some improvement, also if I am using correctly the semicolon:

-Coworking with local authorities for finding the best response to attend climatic emergencies, such as the severe drought that affected the biodiversity and economy of the region of Casanare in 2015. By studying the information available about the possible changes in the climate of our country for future years, and the recent droughts occurred; my team and I supported the local authorities by indicating them through maps and studies, those areas at a higher risk of being affected by this kind of phenomenon in the near future. With this information, they were capable of identifying those zones where was more advantageous to invest economic resources in order to save more biodiversity.

  • The first sentence has no verb. – Paul May 12 at 0:13
  • 1
    Proofreading is off topic. That said, you should use a comma rather than a semicolon. – Richard Kayser May 12 at 0:14

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