in this text: "I can't find my daughter. I was buying these clothes at the register, And she was right behing me, and now she’s gone."

written "she's gone". how I understand which one is mean? she is gone? or she has gone? thank you


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This is a little confusing; you can tell from the context; "to be gone" means to be have disappeared" or to have gone away" but also "to be dead"; here, obviously it's the first choice (she has diappeared or she went away) (to be gone vs to have gone).

"she has gone", "he has gone" is not much used finally (ngram).

In constructions such as "he's/she's gone to" the verb is "have", and that is the regular present perfect.

  • While "he is gone" and "he has gone" may not be used very much finally, neither is "il est parti." He is gone at the end of a sentence is perfectly good English and there's absolutely no reason to discourage it's use. May 7, 2020 at 13:05
  • See Ngram May 7, 2020 at 13:06
  • @PeterShor That is just a typing mistake: read "he has gone", check the ngram I joined to that statement. Anyway, I do not discourage the use of it.
    – LPH
    May 7, 2020 at 13:09

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