Would that I’d begun a bit sooner, but one always assumes one will have more time

If you see only this sentence, what feeling does 'a bit' give? Can I interpret it the speaker hopes she didn't start too early?

  • The speaker hoped he had started “a bit” earlier. – user121863 May 6 at 7:13
  • She wishes she had started earlier. Quite the reverse of 'hoping it wasn't too early'. – Kate Bunting May 6 at 7:31
  • a bit is imprecise and depending on context. "I wish I was married a bit younger" might mean I am sad I didn't get married perhaps six months to two years earlier. "The runner was a bit late in getting out of the starting blocks" - in this case the suggestion is that the runner was slower than normal or slower than other runners by a fraction of a second. – Alan May 6 at 7:44
  • A hair more than a tad, or maybe not quite as much. – Lawrence May 6 at 7:52
  • Then, can I understand that the speaker hoped she had started earlier, even though people always assume they will have more time? – Seulgi So May 6 at 8:00

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