Hi, This is a British pronunciation according to the title. I can hear a rhotic /ɝ/ in the second syllable, however.

In the pronunciation of this word, there's almost no difference between British English and American English?

Can you tell is it British English or American English only from the voice of this word?

  • It's British pronunciation, not because of the rhotic sound or lack thereof in that video, but because of the high rising terminal. – Double U May 4 at 15:27
  • 2
    Definitely British. No way it's RP; southern, yes. It's a kind of Estuary with a hint of West Country. – Michael Harvey May 4 at 19:02
  • @Michael Harvey I'm afraid you won't make a Professor Henry Higgins! :) The accent is East Midlands... It says so in the comments below the video... – Greybeard May 4 at 20:31
  • There are no comments; the Collins caption says 'English Midlands', it's wrong (I spent my childhood in Derby, where my father was born). – Michael Harvey May 4 at 21:45

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