Many a time I experience problem in learning new words, like I learn and I know them but still whenever I have to write somewhere, I am using the same old words, is there a way to retain them easily?, like I have triend to learn from word roots but no results :(

  • There are many mnemonic systems (commercial website link, but lots of free stuff, no affiliation to comment author) for approaching language learning, find what works for you . – Bitter dreggs. Apr 28 at 19:25
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    Every time you learn a new word, write something using it. – Hot Licks Apr 28 at 20:02
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    What I used to do for my SAT, TOEFL, GMAT etc students was print around 10 words (from the weekly vocab) to a page in large font, and paste them on a wall wherever they might see them. Also, it takes a minimum of 5-7 uses of a word to make it stick in the memory, so you might want to try writing out 5 (correct) sentences using the new word. It might sound like an onerous task, but it works. // When I worked for the Korean Academy the daily requirement was 100 words a day, so as you can imagine the walls were covered... and make sure you say the words, not just read and highlight them. – Rattler Apr 28 at 20:45

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