Is it correct to say to my boss ‘ I will be Skyping with you from there’

  • Depends on whether your boss knows what "Skyping" is. – Hot Licks Apr 24 at 12:23
  • Skyping = meeting by using Skype – user382375 Apr 24 at 12:27
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    But does your boss know that? – Hot Licks Apr 24 at 13:09
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    Collins CoBuild includes a 'Skype with' example. Already! Impressive. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 24 at 13:21
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    Skype as a verb has been around for ever -- well, for years, long before it was bought by Microsoft. I've only ever heard/used it with a direct object though. "I will be Skyping you" – Andrew Leach Apr 24 at 13:36

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