I'm looking for a word that is "ant-themed" don't question it hahaha, for a party. And there's this section/corner where we give encouragement to each other, what would be the best word to describe that corner?

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    Ant-thusiasm? Why do you expect there to be a word which fulfills your requirements? – tripleee Apr 24 at 6:25
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    "antcouragement". If you say it fast enough, nobody will notice. – Mr Lister Apr 24 at 7:07
  • Dig . Dig dig crawl – Xanne Apr 24 at 9:16
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    I’m voting to close this question because crossword clues, aardvark-themed words meaning interfrastically etc are not about standard usage but puzzles and trivia. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 24 at 13:25
  • Why not colony or colony corner? That's where ants tend to congregate to offer one another encouragement to overcome the challenges of being ants. :-) – Richard Kayser Apr 24 at 16:49

How about antechamber or anteroom? From M-W:

antechamber: anteroom

anteroom: a small outer room that leads to another room and that is often used as a waiting room

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I do not quite get what you mean by "corner where we give encouragement to each other" - possibly a cultural gap :) - but maybe you can work with sth. along the lines of (Instant) Assistant(s)?

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Ant Attributes - Ant-Tributes


Ants are self-motivated and hardworking.

Ants plan. Ants understand the weather patterns and act accordingly. They are goal-oriented.

One top observation, in my view, is the unity of purpose that ants demonstrate in a community of sharing.

Note how active and energetic ants are; consider their unity of purpose and sense of community; and admire their discipline and orderly approach to execution of the task at hand. All of us can learn from these observations.

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