What would be alternative words for whore which do not primarily reference women? In this case by whore I do not mean a prostitute, but a person who is willing to sell themselves out for personal benefit. For example, how whore is used in the following sentence:

He is such a whore, willing to do anything for positive publicity.


...a person who is willing to sell themselves out...

A sellout?

someone who does something that does not agree with that person's beliefs or values especially in order to make money

  • Angry fans called him a sellout when he started appearing in television commercials.

Learner’s Dictionary

It has a negative connotation but not as much as whore. It’s also extremely gender-neutral.

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    A sellout is often someone who caved under pressure. They didn't get up in the morning and think I'm really going to sellout today. A whore, metaphorical or otherwise, is thought to solicit. – Phil Sweet Apr 24 at 2:42
  • I think sellout does have a similar meaning to "whore" within that context, but it does not carry the same intensity. Is there perhaps a substantially stronger word? I also agree with @PhilSweet that the meaning of "whore" within that context is somewhat more nuanced. – Peter Santorin Apr 24 at 21:26
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    @PeterSantorin ...A fucking sellout? – Laurel Apr 25 at 17:11

Commented by Weather Vane

In that context, "whore" is gender-neutral. Please see Lexico.

1.2 A person who is regarded as willing to do anything to get a particular thing – he's a shameless publicity whore.

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  • I understand, but I feel when the word "whore" is used within this context, it still primarily derives its meaning from a woman soliciting sex. "He is such a whore" clearly alludes to comparing him to a women prostitute. – Peter Santorin Apr 24 at 20:26

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