This is not the time or place for this. Please, help I have no idea how to do it.

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    They said it was not the time or place for this. – Yosef Baskin Apr 21 at 18:43
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    He said that this was neither . . .nor would work well here. – Xanne Apr 21 at 19:01

"They claimed it was neither the time nor the place for that, and asked for help."

If the subject is known, you want to use the personal pronoun (he/she) accordingly.

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  • Good! I do wonder, however, if OP meant you to report his plea for help, or just respond to it. :) – Conrado Apr 21 at 21:23
  • @Conrado The OP means "reported speech", and that's it. – Centaurus Apr 21 at 21:25
  • True, but it says: "the following sentence"-a single object. I thought you were being facetious. – Conrado Apr 21 at 21:29

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