The former seems more natural to me, and is personally what I've used, but the latter is easier to pronounce.

  • Why does pronounciable look more natural to you? – user121863 Apr 16 at 21:21
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    Actually the best orthography for the word is pronunceabill because it is both the earliest attested form and the most aesthetically cool :p – Laurel Apr 16 at 21:21
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    The OED entry gives "rare" for "pronunciable" (one appearance every 100 million words...). I would estimate that 97.4% of the English speaking world would immediately think it was a typo or simply wrong. (PS: "correct" is an ungradeable adjective.) – Greybeard Apr 16 at 21:32
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    Etymology has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to tell you about which of the possible forms a word might have are actually in use in a particular language at a particular time. (I don't do "correct" because I'm not interested in fashion, even in the part of fashion which applies to speech, and some people call "grammar". ) – Colin Fine Apr 16 at 22:00
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    I can't find pronunciable in a dictionary. Did you find it? – Barmar Apr 16 at 22:56

Pronunciable is incorrect.

The correct one is Pronounceable which means capable of being distinctly pronounced in speech; enunciable.

Pronounce (verb) + -able (suffix) -> Pronounceable (adjective).

We often add the suffix -able to verbs to make adjectives (Read this)

Examples: Enjoy (verb) + -able (suffix) -> enjoyable (adjective).

Do (verb) + -able (suffix) -> doable (adjective) etc.

Pronunciable seems natural to you because you think it resembles pronunciation (noun).

Pronunciation of pronounceable is not the same as that of pronunciation, it's simply pronounce + -able (/prəˈnaʊnsəb(ə)l/).

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