In this pandemic there are a lot of people who are speaking their mind without restraint. So, I was thinking about what phrase would describe that. I felt it had to do with like “open spout" or "faucet” but something of that ilk.

“There are those who are more measured and restrained, and then there are those _____ who only speak their mind.”

I believe the term conveys a negative connotation and is something in the neighborhood of an object that emits something, and is a popularly used idiom.


Someone who is outspoken gives their opinions about things openly and honestly, even if they are likely to shock or offend people.

  • A few republicans have been outspoken in their support for the president.

  • He was an outspoken critic of prescribing Chloroquin.

  • outspoken (adjective) direct and open in speech or expression : FRANK from MW
  • Thank you I really appreciate your help, but I think I was looking for more idiomatic expressions. I could think of firecracker, but I was looking for something more in the realm of someone who exhibits behavior that’s erratic and uncalled for. Like someone making a cryptic and uneducated comment about the pandemic, could be called someone who ______. – Sabir Aden Apr 15 '20 at 22:47
  • Would any of the words work in this thread under the accepted answer? english.stackexchange.com/questions/119199/… – tblue Apr 15 '20 at 23:34

How about unfiltered (M-W): not modified, processed, or refined

Examples of unfiltered in a Sentence / Recent Examples on the Web:

"That path is even more fraught for a president elected, in part, for his populist disdain for experts, a skepticism for multilateral projects, and a direct, unfiltered style of communication."

— Rob Crilly, Washington Examiner, "Trump zigs and zags as he tries to balance coronavirus demands," 12 Mar. 2020

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