I have been wondering, which preposition should I use with this mcq

Given the COVID 19 pandemic, I am ordering my food ___ delivery.
1) for
2) in
3) from
4) by

I go for (in) as it expresses a state or condition, or by as ( delivery as a mean of transportation ) so what do you suggest guys?


As a preposition, "by" can indicate the means of achieving something

So in this case

Ordering my food by delivery

would be most accurate. Especially since the context of the sentence is the difficulty in ordering food given the extant epidemic.

"In" is inaccurate since you're not ordering food in delivery. You might have ordered food that is currently in delivery (As in the state of being delivered), but you are not ordering food in delivery.

"for" indicates purpose. So if you're ordering for delivery, it implies that the food is intended to be delivered. This can be correct, but it's more appropriate from the restaurant's perspective rather than from the perspective of the person ordering the food IMO.

  • And "from" would be used if you refer to the service or place, e.g. "from GrubHub" – Barmar Apr 13 '20 at 23:28
  • I agree with the last sentence of this answer, but, since "ordering" already involves the restaurant, I think "for" is usually better in this context. But I'd use "by" when the restaurant isn't already involved. For example: I'm getting food by delivery. (Better might be "I'm getting food delivered" but that's irrelevant to the question.) – Andreas Blass Apr 14 '20 at 1:20

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