Which one is correct, and which one sounds more natural?

  1. Leave that to tomorrow/later/another day/last minute
  2. Leave that for tomorrow/later/another day/last minute
  3. Leave that till tomorrow/later/another day/last minute

I looked up ”leave it” and, according to Cambridge dictionary, the preposition ”till” should be used. However, I later searched it up to be sure, and some people say ”use till” ”never use to or for” ”you can use all of them.” This really left me more confused. I think I’ve always used ”for” and sometimes ”till” but I wanna be sure of which preposition should be used.

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    All three are usages I use/have heard often. I'd also sometimes say until instead of til(l)
    – Dan
    Apr 8 '20 at 19:37
  • They have slightly different connotations.
    – Hot Licks
    Apr 8 '20 at 21:15
  • Google 4-grams show that 'until', 'till' and 'for' are reasonably common before 'tomorrow'. Apr 9 '20 at 14:00

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