Is it correct to say: "I got plunged into a mass of struggling bodies that were swimming...". My doubt is about the correctness of the expression "to get plunged".
Thank you for your help!

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    To use got in this way is a sign of very informal English. Much better to say I was plunged... – Kate Bunting Apr 8 at 13:05
  • When used to form a passive, "to get" is very similar to "to become" and indicates a change of state - to that extent, the past participle has more of an adjectival nuance (and can often be replaced with a non-verbal adjective). - "I got (became) excited by the idea" -> (The idea caused me to become excited) is not the same as "I was excited by the idea" (The idea excited me.) - I wouldn't say "I became (got) plunged into the crowd" . – Greybeard May 8 at 16:33

Honestly, it sounds rather strange to me. If you mean someone has shoved the narrator into the mass of bodies, I'd suggest something like 'got cast in', 'got flung in'. IMHO, plunge has a touch of 'heavily put into and hold in there forcedly'

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  • I'm not sure I'd agree with an interpretation of plunge which includes "hold in there forcedly". – KillingTime Apr 8 at 10:22
  • Presumably it is figurative. Taken literally it would mean something like being pushed off a roof into the mass of struggling bodies. – Peter Sep 5 at 12:25

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