If i was writing an informative piece on a random topic and I wrote for instance "Ok, but how does CO2 get released? By burning fossil fuels." By asking a question to my intended audience and then answering it, I am not using a rhetorical question in my opinion which leads me to ask.. what would that language feature/strategy be?

(English Language teacher in need of help!)

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    Does this answer your question? Answering your own question. Sven Yargs gives other ballpark answers. // Note that, to parallel "How does CO2 get released?", "By the burning of fossil fuels" is strictly required. "How do we get CO2 to be released" is matched by "By [our] burning fossil fuels". – Edwin Ashworth Apr 6 '20 at 13:46


Hypophora is a figure of speech in which a writer raises a question, and then immediately provides an answer to that question. (From https://literarydevices.net/hypophora/)

It Is used to generate curiosity in the listener/reader, rather like a medic running using water to induce urination.

See also anthypophora and antipophora, which Wikipedia lists as synonyms. All three are figures of speech in general- not only literary devices.

  • Ach-, it's a duplicate of Edwin Ashworth's pointer! – Conrado Apr 6 '20 at 21:20

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