Is there a word like melomaniac but for movies or Tv series?

  • It’s hard to be a maniac about anything when you’re really mellow... ;-) – Jim Apr 2 at 17:39
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    Related:What does the word cinemaddict mean? One of the answers mentions cinemaniac, which is a pretty popular usage on the net. – Rattler Apr 2 at 17:52
  • @Matas Vaitkevicius, Do you mean 'word for a person who loves movies and TV shows? (The question is ambiguous). :/ – Decapitated Soul Apr 2 at 18:04
  • A filmophile? – Weather Vane Apr 2 at 18:55

"Moviemaniac" is another term meaning "cinemaniac" (ref.).

There is also "filmaholic" and "movieholic" (ref.), but according to the Wiktionary, despite the disaproving "aholic" appending connoting "addiction" those two terms connote rather the idea of enthusiasm (cinephile (ref.), cineast) and not that of addiction. This is in contradiction with Urban dictionary and it seems that the usual meaning of this form (aholic) should be preserved.

However, when it comes to TV the Wiktionary falls in line with the usual sense of "aholic" and lets us know that there is "TVaholic", rarely found and connoting addiction to TV watching.

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