I really dont know how to describe this. Im having a discussion with someone, I was sharing information that I found on a topic. Randomly im called out as being rude when nowhere was there evidence of rudeness exchanged. This person seems to have a history of claiming people have a problem or are being rude out of the random blue.

Is there a word to describe these random accusations that dont connect to anything?

  • Whoops I thought that meant i was looking for a single word to describe what im looking for. Its almost like slander I would think, except unintentional. Its like a problem in the persons mind causing them to think something so erratic. – user379104 Mar 28 at 19:53
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    The question marked as a duplicate and closed had the body question 'I like to have a friendly debate, but a lot of time people just come up with nonsense arguments like "Yeah but I'm right because you are stupid.". They are meant to be insults, but is there a word for this type of argument?'. An 'ad hominem' thrust ('attacking the person rather than the argument) is suggested. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 28 at 20:03