I'm a beginner.

I'm confused about what grammar is about the "growing up" in this sentence.

Shouldn't it be "when you're growing up"??

How many of us saw our dads enough growing up?

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    There’s an implied “when we were” after “enough”. – Lawrence Mar 26 at 5:24
  • so, the full sentence should be "How many of us saw our dads enough when we were growing up?". – Jason Mar 26 at 5:40
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    Not "should be": the original sentence is fine as is. But yes, that's what it means. – nnnnnn Mar 26 at 6:21
  • The sentence could be rearranged: “How many of us here today, growing up, saw our dads enough?” Is that clearer? – Anton Sherwood Mar 26 at 20:01

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