I have certain confusions regarding the Verb Abound. Abound is a verb which means to exist in large numbers or amounts. What we generally understand from a Verb is Action. However the Verb abound seems like an aberration where it is depicting a condition or situation. Why is this the case? Why we need such Verbs in English Language when we can simply use Adjectives like abundant?

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    You just used 'have', 'is', 'means', 'exist', understand', 'seems' and 'need'. I suggest you try writing your question without using any 'non-action' verbs. May 7, 2020 at 18:27

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Abound is a verb, even if it isn't doing what we might consider an "action". A good similar verb would be exist.

Abound really isn't used that frequently though. I (incorrectly) thought it had a negative tone to it as I've only used it ways such as:

Defects and glitches abound in Billy's project that is already too expensive.

Note abound could be replaced with other verbs such as:

  • Accumulate
  • Exist
  • Grow

However, apparently abound can be a positive/neutral as well:

Praise and glory abound in PGSystemTester's project that came in under budget.

Again abound could be replaced with:

  • Amass
  • Acccumulate
  • Exist

Hope that helps.

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