I got a friend who wanted to go to the store. Before leaving he told us like this: A: "guys, I'm going to grab some drink. You guys want something? then, one of my friend made a response with: B: "Yes, can you get me Coca Cola and chips?"

So, is my friend's response correct and natural ? or are there some ways to response that kinda question that sound more natural?


  • In British English, it would be " B: "Yes, can you get me Coca Cola and some chips?" -- "Chips" has different meanings in AE and BE. I will assume that the conversation is in American English - the response is informal and idiomatic (although I personally hate "guys".) – Greybeard Mar 7 at 9:28
  • @Greybeard See Nobody cares how YOU pronounce it. – CJ Dennis Mar 10 at 4:08

Possibly. In my country that's stilted, but it might be acceptable in yours. I would say

Yeah, can you get me a coke and some chips?

I'm a little concerned about the lack of quantity for "Coca Cola." Say

Yes, can you get me a Coca Cola and chips?


Yes, can you get me some Coca Cola and chips?

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