I rarely see people do that but I have found the usage fit my writing style.


I don't have access to the internet right now , could you handle the task for me please?


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    One is a statement, the other is a question. The statement should end in a period. The question should start with a capital C. – Jim Feb 26 at 5:23
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    We can't do that, can we? – KannE Feb 26 at 6:46
  • A semicolon would be better than a comma. – Anton Sherwood Feb 27 at 0:04

Interesting question, but the sentence sounds odd. As soon as I read your question, the concept of Relative Clauses tugged upon my mind. Upon further searching, I found out that your sentence can be better presented with a co-ordinating conjunction. In this case, it might be better off as:

I don't have access to the internet right now, so could you handle the task for me?

This sounds about fine. Hopefully the grammar teachers can verify!

Anyways, check out Relative Clauses subject, might help.

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