"Homes of a particular community vandalized by the goons under the support and protection of police."

How can I say this in a better way? The police was with the goons. Goons got full support and protection from police to carry out riot against a community. Homes of a particular community vandalized under/in/with ________ of police.

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"Connivance", which has more pejorative overtones than some other options, is probably your best bet.


connivance, n.1. a. The action of conniving; the action of winking at, overlooking or ignoring (an offence, fault, etc.); often implying secret sympathy or approval: tacit permission or sanction; encouragement by forbearing to condemn.

1861 "G. Ross W. Bell's Dictionary of the Law of Scotland" (rev. ed.) 297 The husband's connivance in her guilt..is a good defence to the wife against an action of divorce.

"... homes of a particular community vandalized with the connivance of the police."

  • This might be another one of those US/British splits, and I did find some support for your usage, but as I have heard and used the word, connivance is always about petty matters. It wouldn't work at this level of wrong doing. Here is the sort of connivance I am familiar with—was able to sneak out at night with the connivance of a camp counselor. You might connive with your buddy who works at the golf course to let you golf for free in exchange for fixing his car.
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"Aegis" I believe is the proper word.


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