The sentence is this:

Take time to explore how your beautifully crafted footwear enhance your every moment.

This doesn't read comfortably to me and I feel that it should be 'enhances'.

Which is correct? I am proofreading a document and I am aware that 'footwear' can be the plural form, too. Would that mean that 'enhance' is then correct, even if it doesn't seem to read correctly?

Thank you


I am aware that 'footwear' can be the plural form,

No. "footwear" is uncountable and thus takes a singular verb


Oxford Learners' Dicitionary/ˈfʊtwɛr/ [uncountable]

things that people wear on their feet, for example shoes and boots Be sure to wear the correct footwear to prevent injuries to your feet.

  • Thank you so much. Where I was looking, it stated that footwear was countable and uncountable which confused me. Much prefer your resource.
    – CatAttack
    Feb 19 '20 at 11:47

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