Is there a quotative verb (or one I can abuse as a quotative) that means "to voice [a] concern"? (Other than "worried"?)

"Hey, uh... guys," I _____ed, "it looks like it's getting bigger..."

There are a bunch of verbs for complaining (grouse, gripe, whine), there's "warn" if I want to be more definite, but is there a word for 'concerned, but uncertain'? ("Flagged" would sort-of worked except that'd be a real stretch as a quotative. "Advised" is also 'close, but not quite'.)

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    Noted, maybe? – Tinfoil Hat Feb 19 at 6:38
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    "Pointed out." or "warned" could work – Greybeard Feb 19 at 9:38

"Hey, uh... guys," I exclaimed, "it looks like it's getting bigger..."

Exclaimed means: cry out suddenly in surprise, strong emotion, or pain.

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  • Yeah... I'm looking for more tentative, less excitable, but points anyway because I didn't specify that. – Matthew Feb 19 at 15:51

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