I need to say "For those who feel the below post pin points you, it is not coincidental or unintentional. It IS JUST meant for you"

Is there a better way I can frame above sentence. I want to share some content where people judge new moms and what I want to put as a intro statement is the above line.

  • Please don't use below as a pre-positive adjective. Use "the post below". Pinpoints is one word. Apart from that, what are you unhappy with? If you ask a specific question about a specific word or two and explain why you're uncertain about that, your question might be reopened. – Andrew Leach Feb 18 at 9:10

I think one way to put the above sentence is

For those who feel the below post pinpoints you, IT DOES, it is intentional and not coincidental. It IS JUST meant for you.

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