Is a person from Charlotte North Carolina called a Charlatan? Or is there some other term for a person from that place?

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    I'm sure it's done. – Hot Licks Feb 16 at 15:19
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    In jest, that is. – Brian Donovan Feb 16 at 15:36
  • Made me laugh, but that alone doesn't make this a good question. Look up demonyms and see if that answers your question. – CJ Dennis Feb 17 at 2:02

The term, according to Wikipedia (in its 'List of adjectivals and demonyms for cities), is Charlottean.

The Wikipedia disambiguation page for 'C/charlatan' does not license the use of this as a synonym, and neither do CED, M-W, Macmillan, RHK Webster's, Collins or AHD.

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  • Looking at the Wikipedia page, I wonder if city names are much more likely to start with the letter S (than any other letter). – We oath to creation Feb 16 at 16:45
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    That's not how I got to the Wikipedia article, and I wouldn't have thought it likely to produce a result. 'Demonym', however, was not a gimme from the question. I don't answer questions I think are LMGTFY, as I feel it harms the site's credibility. – Edwin Ashworth Feb 16 at 20:00
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    This is totally a LYGTFY question though. It's a question of simple fact about a fairly well known city. If you Google, "what are people from charlotte called", the answer is in the first result... – R Mac Feb 16 at 23:33
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    And the pronunciation is shar-lot-tay-an, too, so the joke's a bit harder to make that it might seem. – user45266 Feb 29 at 2:49

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