I've had an interesting discussion with a colleague around the usage of commas in an address within an email signature.

They claim commas should never be used to separate the city and the postcode. Whereas I believe it makes sense for it to be there as if I were to write a letter each part of the address would be on a new line.

What would be the best practice here? Some visual examples of how it's currently formatted:

Business Name, Address 1,

City, Postcode

Apple Sauce LTD, 5 Henry Street,

Manchester, JF34 7TP

I might also add that said colleague only has an issue with the comma being between the city and the postcode. The other commas placement are fine.

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    This Reddit discussion has various suggestions: << Linebreaks. 1 Fake Street London N1 1AA If for whatever reason that's not an option then I'd put commas in. //// Wantang_Bob: Personal preference. At the company I work for, we use a pipe delimiter in the corporate colour: Wantang Bob | My Job | My Team | My Department | 1 Fake Street | London | N1 1AA | Desk Phone | Mobile Phone | Email Address >> I'd say that this is merely an optional style choice. Not grammar. – Edwin Ashworth Feb 11 at 15:14
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    @GhastlyCode Since an address is not a properly formed sentence, I'm not sure that grammar rules would apply. – KillingTime Feb 11 at 15:33
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    In the US, the US Postal Service has a web site that will convert any address into their preferred format. – GEdgar Feb 11 at 16:01
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    You should probably conform to whatever the British Postal Service prefers. – Hot Licks Feb 11 at 17:55
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    Note to VTC-ers: This is most definitely not an opinion question; there is a definite objective 'best answer'. – Jeff Zeitlin Feb 11 at 18:24

If you are treating your email signature as something that will more-or-less be fully or partially cut/pasted for your surface-mail address, you should format your address in the signature the way your national postal authority recommends. As you have used an address in the United Kingdom as an example, I conclude that you are in the UK, and thus that the Royal Mail’s guidelines govern. The addressing guide on the Royal Mail website says explicitly that commas and full stops should be omitted. On that page, there is also a link “Best way to write a UK address” (javascript on the page, not linkable) that will display an image of an ideally-addressed envelope. Following that pattern, I would format the sample addresses from your question as

Business Name
Address 1


Apple Sauce LTD
5 Henry Street
JF34 7TP

As I am in the United States, I would follow the guidelines provided by the United States Postal Service, and format a US address entirely in block capitals, thus:




  • @AndrewLeach - thanks for the image link. – Jeff Zeitlin Feb 11 at 18:12

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