Say when I'm reciting a password to someone I say something like:

capital a b capital c d capital e

Is there any way to pronounce upper case letters without having to say capital in front of the letter?

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    No! And it is even worse. If you say "capital a b" it may be interpreted as "AB". So: "capital a small b" is the best you can do. – GEdgar Feb 11 at 2:18
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    By agreement with whomever you're talking to you could say the capital letters in a higher pitch, or raise a finger while saying those letters, etc., but there's no established system and no distinction in pronunciation. – nnnnnn Feb 11 at 4:10
  • You can say “Big A” or “Cap A” if capital is too many syllables. You could also do things like it’s “abce, with the A, C and E all caps” – Jim Feb 11 at 6:35

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