I met an English sentence like below.

After testing on multiple machines root configurations, I was able to notice that it happens only using homestead without nfs folder sync.

This sentence includes without nfs folder sync and I thought without requires noun after it.

But nfs folder is a noun and sync is a verb, this sentence seems to be wrong.

Is there a case we use a sentence after the word without?


In this context, “sync” is a noun, and “nfs folder” is an adjective qualifying that noun. So it’s a perfectly standard use of “without”.

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  • Nope, folder is never an adjective. Neither is NFS. Modification of a noun does not make something an adjective. These are simply nouns used attributively to compose compound nouns. – tchrist Feb 8 at 13:57
  • @tchrist I see, I got it compound nouns as compound nouns. – mk-tool Feb 9 at 1:44

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