I have been watching Linus Tech Tips for a while now and am confused about their pronunciation of links/URLs. When they make an advertisement, they vary between two different pronunciations. Let me show you using the example of foo.com/bar:

  1. foo dot com slash bar
  2. foo dot com forward(s) slash bar

I am not sure whether they say it with or without s since it always melts with the s of the slash

My question now is: Is there a difference between these pronunciations or do they both mean exactly the same thing?

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    There's no s -- it's "forward slash": "/", as opposed to a "backslash": "\". HTH. – Kris Feb 3 at 12:16
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    If I type such an address using backslashes, my Brave browser (Chrome clone) silently switches them to forward slashes anyway, so it's pretty much irrelevant whether I'm told and make the distinction between forward and back here. But as a Brit, I'm quite happy to assume the (optional) trailing s in forwards slash (which I'll sometimes articulate myself, with no particular guiding principle as regards when I do it). – FumbleFingers Feb 3 at 12:33
  • @FumbleFingers Your browser might do that, but it's not necessarily something that other browsers should or actually do. – CJ Dennis Feb 3 at 12:40
  • Related (duplicate?) - Forward vs Forwards – FumbleFingers Feb 3 at 12:41
  • @CJ Dennis : Those are just technical details. Plus so far as I'm aware, all URL's take the same form regardless of language, so such details aren't specifically relevant to English. To my mind, the only thing that might be relevant is the status of that optional s in forwards slash (which Webster taught Americans was a "corruption", but Brits never took that on board). – FumbleFingers Feb 3 at 12:43

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