I have to write a long History essay about territories which were once occupied by one people, but no longer are. Is there a term for that, something like once-[insertpeoplehere]-occupied?

  • Are you saying the land is no longer occupied by anyone or that it's no longer occupied by a single people (i.e. a mix of people now live there)? – KillingTime Jan 31 at 13:13

If the fact that the country was at the time occupied is important, such as wartime, use then-occupied

He was sent to then-occupied France to serve in a battalion of former Soviet prisoners of war...


By April of 1945, eight months following Nazi massacres in the Saulx valley of then-occupied France,


If the country was occupied as a colony or dominion, then use French Senegal, British India, etc., again if the fact of occupation is relevant to the issue.

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  • Thank you very much! – Valernik Feb 1 at 18:04

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