From the description of a theatrical performance:

At a dinner party in the wilds of New Jersey, two married couples discuss a younger acquaintance–a polyamorous woman who also hunts her own meat. Fascinated, they invite this mysterious woman and her two live-in boyfriends to a New Year’s Eve party, which alters the course of their lives.

Is it an idiom and, if so, what is its meaning?

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    I think is tied to polyamorous instead of dinner party if that is what you are wondering. – Jalene Jan 15 at 5:04
  • I was considering the "polyamorous" and "working woman" meanings. – Kentzo Jan 16 at 2:22

Idiom is close... innuendo is more accurate

It would seem the reader is led to believe that "meat" refers to an object of sustenance rather than animal flesh as food. In this case the context suggests that the system being sustained is one of sexual reproduction rather than a full biological life cycle requiring food to eat.

as you will

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It is not really an idiom. It refers directly to the fact that she actually hunts her local wild game such as deer, turkey, rabbit etc. (Based on the play "How to Transcend a Happy Marriage")

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