Searches of "trollopsing" brings up a result in Poems and Plays of John Masefield where he uses the word. I also found it used on a Key and Peele sketch.

Otherwise, I can't seem to find any indication that it's a real word.

Is it a word, and what does it mean?

Edit with example: "I stayed at home for the past fifteen years taking care of mom and dad while you've been trollopsing all over the world."

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    Is it a reference to "meeting" a serious of trollops? Can you edit your question to provide the sentence or paragraph in which the word was used? – nnnnnn Dec 2 at 12:07
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    Context needed. – Hot Licks Dec 2 at 13:17
  • example sentence added. – Casper Dec 2 at 17:08
  • I've come across this candidate word; it means 'gallivant'. Probably in OED. – Edwin Ashworth Dec 2 at 17:10
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    My guess (before I saw the quote) was trollopsing: writing in the style of Anthony Trollope. – GEdgar Dec 2 at 18:19

It is not listed in the OED or any other major on-line dictionary.

Searching through google books, one finds this entry:

Trolloping part. adj. Walking through dirt and mire, as a slattern does; trudging. Sometimes 'Trollopsing'.

This is an entry in A Warwickshire Word-book: Comprising Obsolescent and Dialect Words, Colloquialisms, etc. Gathered from Oral Tradition, and Collated with Accordant Words (here)

Therefore, for all intents and purposes, it is arguably not a word in Standard English.

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