"She was awarded with a medal and a trophy, giving her the rights to brag."

Often when I use Microsoft word, I get a squiggly line if I wrote sentence structures like the example given. The program recommended that I added 'and' before 'giving' which did not sound right to me. I've seen similar structures when reading novels and I wonder if this kind of structure has some grammatical restrictions?

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    Your sentence is fine. I see what MS Word's grammar checker is trying to do, but English is so flexible that I don't see any computerised grammar checker being 100% any time soon. Nov 21, 2019 at 16:23

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how about "She was awarded with a medal and a trophy, and that gave here right to brag"

or "She was awarded with a medal and a trophy, which gave here the right to brag"


"A recipient of medal and a trophy, she has the right to brag"

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