This is the latest of several online dating profiles I've seen posted, by women, about "work done".

He has done his own work and respects that I've done mine.

Similarly, I've also seen he's had work done on him.

Now looking around for "having work done", in a dating context, it seems to often concern cosmetic surgery. Yet, in this, and other cases, that doesn't seem to be the meaning. Nor does it seem to refer to professional achievement.

The general sense I get here instead is of people who have undergone elective psychotherapy/meditation guidance? to improve their psyche/become "more enlightened". But, not so much that of people who went through therapy to alleviate trauma and/or psychological problems, since they seem to take pride in these interventions.

Any idea of what "work done" is actually referring to?

  • Body building??? – Jim Nov 14 at 3:26
  • why do you asume that all uses of work&done refer to the same thing and that some type of euphemism is being used? work can refer to cosmetic work, but otherwise work refers to work, as far as I know – green_ideas Nov 14 at 5:45
  • it's just the context. not so much this one time I am posting it, but one of the previous cases was by a very New Age-y lady who referred to her guru and such. I've never heard this term used this way, but the paragraphs didn't make much sense without some notion that it was something the person would be doing to improve himself. At the same time, that's now 3 times I've seen the term used so I was curious if it is generally known (by people other than myself). guess not. being fairly allergic to New Age, I won't get an opportunity to ask directly. – Italian Philosophers 4 Monica Nov 14 at 6:39

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