Should it be ‘a cheeky little throwback’ or just ‘cheeky little throwback’

Any help would be appreciated

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    Do dictionaries include the indefinite article with phrases with 'throwback' as head, or not? CED, for instance, gives two example sentences. – Edwin Ashworth Nov 8 at 17:19
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    The use of an article is dependent on the context. Both the examples are grammatical noun phrases. Neither is a sentence, or even an utterance, out of context. Therefore it's unclear what is being asked. – John Lawler Nov 8 at 17:54
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    Context needed!! – Hot Licks Nov 8 at 19:56
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    (1) She is a cheeky little throwback. (2) "Why you cheeky little throwback!" One uses an indefinite article and the other does not. Both are grammatical. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Nov 10 at 4:54

In the example you have given, an article is required. "He's a cheeky little throwback." Throwback is a noun, and so an article is required. The article would usually be the indefinite article, although in some cases, such as to emphasize uniqueness, the definite article could be used, such as "Isn't he the cheeky little throwback." Although, it would normally be the indefinite article.

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