I want to express there are five available values for changes in yaw -- rotation about a vertical axis, should I use "changes in yaw with five values", "changes in yaw of five values", or something else?

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    Can you give context? Are you describing yaw in the aviation sense - rotation about the vertical axis? Are you describing rate or angle of deflection? – NeilB Oct 29 '19 at 22:41
  • What yaw talking about??? – Hot Licks Oct 30 '19 at 1:29
  • Do you mean that yaw can be set to one of five values, or that there are five increments by which it can be changed? – Anton Sherwood Oct 30 '19 at 1:42
  • Hi, sorry for the unclear. I describe yaw in the aviation sense and I mean yaw can be set to one of five values. – Maybe Oct 30 '19 at 2:00

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