Melancholic -> melancholia
Choleric -> ??
Sanguine -> ??
Phlegmatic -> ??

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    The word choler exists, and Merriam-Webster claims that sanguineness is a word. There doesn't appear to be one for 'being phlegmatic'. – Kate Bunting Oct 19 at 17:41
  • Agree about choler. Cambridge Dictionary says: phlegm noun [U] (CALMNESS) formal the ability to stay calm and not get emotional or excited about things even in a difficult or dangerous situation – Michael Harvey Oct 19 at 18:51
  • cholerous or cholerics, phlegmatic(s) or mucusy and sanguineous – lbf Oct 19 at 19:53

Choleric >> Choler

Sanguine >> Sanguinity/Sanguineness

Phlegmatic >> Phlegmaticness

None of them is as cool as malancholia, but there you go.

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