Like for example when two regimes change there is this unrest and change that occurs. Often it isn’t meant in a positive light and simply means that things are beginning to change. It is just when that change occurs people often say this word.

I have a feeling the word I’m thinking starts with an R. Please help because I’ve been browsing the internet for hours and haven’t been able to find a synonym or closely related word that would fit.

  • here is a sentence... “the state of Palestine Is in....(word)”. Upheaval, tumult would be close synonyms
    – Sabir Aden
    Oct 18, 2019 at 23:33

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The phrase "regime change" is fully appropriate, especially if prefaced with "chaotic" or "tumultuous." Maybe consider "interregnum." As Sabir suggested, "upheaval" is also appropriate, or "instability."


It sounds as if you are describing a commonly use term, Sabir, but none come to mind except 'revolution.' But that also is used for long-term processes, and not short-term transitions. Other possibilities: disarray, transition, flux, chaos, and reconstruction.


Revolution, revolt, or rebellion? Restlessness is another.


"in a state of unrest"

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