If you flag a post, you will see a choice called "rude or abusive", what is difference between "rude" and "abusive"? They seem the same.

  • Why worry over what they "seem" to be? Check them up in a good dictionary. – Kris Oct 14 at 8:14

Being "rude" is more of a passive action. If you walk by someone without greeting him or her, that would be rude.

Being "abusive" is being active in causing offense. If you push or bump into someone (intentionally), that would be being abusive.

  • Please cite the source. – Kris Oct 14 at 8:14
  • A 'rude' posting could be one that uses crude or offensive language, but without personally insulting the person it's addressed to. – Kate Bunting Oct 14 at 16:20
  • I don't think being offensive is similar to being abusive. It seems that abuse seems to entail certain power imbalance. – Dvij Mankad Oct 14 at 18:58

In terms of flagging a post several actions, or reactions, tend to be grouped together. In this example "rude or abusive". In this view "rude" can be an action that induces a reaction whereas "abusive" is a direct action with intent (or uses inappropriate words or statements).


rude: "your post is dumb"

abusive: "no one with a brain would post something so dumb".

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