Similar to this question, I'm looking for a word to describe a particular kind of smile.

It's the kind of smile I smile when I receive a sweet message from the girl I love, and just can't help beaming. The phrase which goes through my mind is 'smiling like a fool', but I somehow think there might be a more precise adverb (e.g. smiling sheepishly, which I don't think quite fits).

"I catch myself smiling ____ when I read her texts."

Which adverb fits best?


He smiled soppily at his girlfriend.


If you describe someone or something as soppy, you mean that they are foolishly sentimental. [British, informal]

He's constantly on the phone to his girlfriend being soppy.

She loves soppy love stories, old films, that sort of thing.

COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary



euphoric - characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness

enraptured [smile] - filled with great pleasure or joy

Edit to add sources:

euphoric is from: https://kathysteinemann.com/Musings/smiles/

'enrapture' - not sure. May have looked for synonyms of euphoric and it was just in search results.


Will dopily work for you?

Dopey: Silly; foolish


There's also a clip-art in the said webpage. See if it(the grin) matches yours for accuracy.

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