If I say "The boy and girl are..."

I think it's as correct as "The boy and the girl", as some natives told me that.

Do you confirm?

But what is the rule in English for non repeating the article?

And also, more generally, are there other rules for omitting the singular article? When could it be implied? (I don't mean the zero article, like in generalities, categories and plural, when we expect the zero article.)

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    (1) Possible duplicate of Can articles be omitted in front of the second and third nouns? //// (2, 3, 4....) Omission of an article before a single noun is a wide topic; examples are needed. There are almost 90 questions tagged 'zero article', many obviously asking 'Why is no article used in this case...?' – Edwin Ashworth Sep 29 at 15:02
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